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After 30 years of development, six key manufacturing sectors comprising of electronic information, home electric appliances, power and energy, biomedicine and medical, petrochemical, precision equipment and two characteristic sectors featuring consumables and yacht making have taken shape.

Zhuhai achieved year-on-year growth of 25.1 percent in the first half of 2017, reporting 23.1 billion yuan ($3.5 billion) in value added of equipment manufacture. Meanwhile, value added in machine tool-related manufacturing rocketed by 74.8 percent to 4.5 billion yuan ($668.6 million). These indicators put Zhuhai ahead of others at provincial level.

The performance contributed to the city's ranking first provincially for the first six months of 2017 in both GDP growth - a rise of 9.2 percent and in value added of industrial enterprises above designated size -up 13.3 percent, said a government official.

Over the past few years, Zhuhai has stepped up efforts to develop emerging industries like general aviation and ocean engineering equipment manufacturing. Major initiatives include CNOOC's deepwater marine engineering equipment manufacturing base (with a total investment of 30 billion yuan ($4.5 billion), the 44.3 billion yuan ($6.7 billion) China State Shipbuilding Corp's (CSSC) shipbuilding and marine engineering base, and the 10-billion-yuan ($1.5 billion) AVIC general aircraft Zhuhai industrial base, all of which have become the new growth engine of the city's development.


After two decades of development, the bio-pharmaceutical sector has become one of the six pillar industries in Zhuhai and ranks in the top three foreign trade-oriented bio-medicine industrial clusters in Guangdong province.

The 100-billion industrial cluster covers 13 square meters and has gathered thousands of biomedical enterprises with nearly 16,000 workers employed. It is hailed as the "Southern Medicine Valley" which has been continuously benefiting from local favorable policies and Zhuhai's superior industrial supporting ability.

What's more, it is the only one of its kind linking Macao and Hong Kong by land and bridge.

At present, the biomedical industry group houses six public service and innovation platforms, one national key laboratory, 24 state-level and provincial-level enterprise technology centers, 24 engineering centers, two biomedical public laboratories attached to universities and colleges, and seven post-doctoral research stations.

Jinwan district is at the center of the biomedicine cluster; its radiation influence will promote the foreign trade-oriented characteristic industrial cluster of medical devices in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Development Zone and the medicine circulation-focused cluster in Hengqin New Area, and the foreign trade-aimed characteristic traditional Chinese medicine park under the cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.  A complete industrial layout has been formed featuring bio-pharmacy, chemical medicine, medical equipment, and health products, which is an important part of the global biopharmaceutical industry chain.

The layout of the industrial area makes Jinwan District Biopharmaceutical Foreign Trade Characteristic Industry Cluster the core, radiating the High-tech Zone Foreign Trade and the Circulation of Hengqin New Area Medicines and the Foreign Trade Characteristic Industrial Cluster of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Chinese Medicine Co-operation.

In recent years, Zhuhai has attached great importance to the development of the biomedical industry with 100 million yuan ($15 million) of special funds earmarked every year for the promotion. Other support includes improving government service, giving talent training and constructing public platforms, etc.

Printing consumables

Printing consumables as one of the six most important sectors in Zhuhai's advanced manufacturing layout has been developed in full swing.

Zhuhai, known as the Print Consumables Capital of the World, has the largest and most complex industry chain and the highest technical level in print consumables worldwide. It is currently home to the headquarters of more than 250 manufacturers of those products, including world-renowned brands such as Ninestar, Print-Rite, Apex, and Mito.

These manufacturers produce over 70 percent of universal color ribbons, 60 percent of compatible ink cartridges, and 20 percent of recycling laser toner cartridges in the global market.

Zhuhai is the host of the world's largest print consumables trade show among global industry players -- RemaxWorld Expo. The event is sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Zhuhai Branch, and Zhuhai Recycling Times Culture Communication Co Ltd. Over the past 10 years it has quadrupled from 113 exhibitors at the first expo to 468 in the 2016 event. 

Home electric appliances

The development of home electric appliances in Zhuhai is led by Gree Electric Appliances based in Xiangzhou district. The company has grown from a major Chinese home appliances manufacturer to one of the world's largest air conditioner suppliers. Gree has established 11 production bases around the world, nine are located in China, another 2 in Brazil and Pakistan. With a base in Qianshan, it has been enjoying preferential government policies, paving its way to become the second largest player in the air-conditioner market in Latin America. Since 2005, Gree has topped in production and sales volume of residential air conditioners for 12 consecutive years. 

Power & energy

Zhuhai is striving to promote new energy projects around the city by promoting the development of companies such as Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy, a new-energy vehicle producer, and Zhuhai Singyes Green Building Technology.

For example, Hengqin Energy Development established in 2015 delivers green-utility services for all municipal and commercial premises. It is a joint venture between SPIC (State Power Investment Corp) Guangdong Electric Power Co Ltd and Zhuhai Da Heng Qin Investment Co Ltd. It has developed more than 80 membership customers and serviced 11 members by providing 200,000 tons of refrigeration. It is operating the Zhuhai Hengqin Integrated Smart Energy project which is now a China DES (District Energy in Cities) Initiative Demonstration Project due to its multi-generation system capable of supplying electricity, heat, cold, steam, and water. The title was granted at the China Enterprise Directors Association (CEDA) 2017 & 8th China's DES System Operation & Promotion Seminar on Sept 28 and 29.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai endeavors to upgrade its power supply to meet the increased demand for industrial electricity brought about by its rapid development. 

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