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Developing the energy industry 

Zhanjiang will make great efforts to develop its energy and new thermal power industries. Coal-based power generating systems are one of the focuses. For example, the thermal power project of Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd, with the total investment of 9 billion yuan ($1.4 billion), is well proceeding and is expected to reach an output value of 5.5 billion yuan to create 1.2 billion yuan in profits tax. Meanwhile, Jingxin Donghai heat and power cogeneration project has been attracted with an investment of 7.5 billion yuan; Beijing Jingneng Power's 2×1000MW new thermal power generation base will give another boost and entail an investment of 9 billion yuan.

Developing the wind power industry

The Leizhou Peninsula around Zhanjiang is forging a complete wind power industrial belt with key projects to be located in Xuwen, Leizhou and Lianjiang.

Developing solar and photovoltaic industries. Suixi's 10MW biomass energy project has been put into operation and achieved success. Guangdong Zhongneng's latest project in Zhanjiang has obtained approval from the National Development and Reform Commission to produce 300,000T cassava-based fuel ethanol. The 1.5 billion yuan effort will soon be launched this year.

Developing the household electrical appliance industry

The traditional industries of Zhanjiang generated a total output value of 15 billion yuan in 2015, the figure still on the rise with rapid-growing companies in Lianjiang, Potou district, and Wuchuan such as Hongzhi, Weiwang, and Huaqiang.

Developing the medicine industry 

The Fengyong Hi-Tech Economic Development Zone located in the southwest of Zhanjiang has attracted a cluster of leading pharmaceutical brands including Bocom, Maritech, Hengcheng, and Tongde. In 2015, the total industrial output value of pharmaceutical industry exceeded 15 billion yuan.

Developing the furniture industry

The total industrial output value of the furniture sector in Zhanjiang has surpassed 10 billion yuan in recent years thanks to a complete industrial chain integrating development and research, production, sales and service. Enterprises such as Superwood and Sunwin Furnishings are the bellwethers in the industry playing a vital role in accepting industrial transfer to create aggregation effects.

Developing the building materials industry, especially cement production 

Zhanjiang will support the development of cement enterprises including Conch Cement, China Resource Cement Holding Limited and Cunjin Cement while accelerating the construction on cement plants in Leizhou. A target is set to reach a production capacity of more than 18 million tons when all projects are completed.

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