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Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park

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Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park (包头装备制造产业园) is situated in the northern part of Qingshan district, Baotou. Founded in 2006, the park is engaged in heavy vehicles, new energy, railways, fully-mechanized coal processing, and electromechanical and engineering equipment.

The park’s constructed area covers 8 sq km alongside the G110 highway. It has attracted lots of key projects and 170 supporting enterprises, such as Inner Mongolia No 1 machinery Group and North Heavy Industries Group. It has developed into a machinery manufacturing base for national military equipment, heavy-duty motors, railway vehicles and forging of large military-civilian products.


The under-construction area is 5 sq km. It contains several completed infrastructure installations, including a sewage treatment plant, a natural gas pressure regulating station, a refuse transfer station and a 110 kilovolt transformer substation, giving it leading positions in Northwest China and throughout the country.

Another 32 sq km area is planned.

The park has seven sub parks, the “Chinese Weapons” Baotou High-end Equipment Park, a new-style industrial park, the Peking Science and Technology Park, the Lide Motor Center, a small and medium-sized private enterprise park, a supporting park for production and living and the Sino-German Equipment Industrial Park. 


The Baotou Park has great advantages in location and transportation. It’s two kilometers away from the downtown area, 20-minutes by car from Baotou Railway Station and 30-minutes from Baotou Airport. In addition, it is close to the Beijing-Tibetan Highway, the G110 Highway, the International Container Transfer Station and two special railway lines. It is a transportation hub connecting with Hohhot, Baotou and Ordos.

In 2013, the park became the second one in the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region to have assets totaling 100 billion yuan. It was named a “Baotou National Equipment Manufacturing High-tech Industrialization Base” and “National New Industrialization Demonstration Base” by the Science and Technology Agency of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


As of 2016, the park was engaged in 36 key projects, each of them with a value of 100 million yuan. The total investment was 16.58 billion yuan. So far, 166 enterprises have settled in the park, bringing with them investment of 67 billion yuan, of which 140 billion has been put into production.

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