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1. Provisions on articles carried or consigned for shipment exiting or entering China

In accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Measures for Quarantine of Articles Carried by Exit-Entry Personnel, exit-entry personnel carrying any of the following articles shall make declaration to inspection and quarantine bodies and accept quarantine:

(1) entering animals and plants, their products and other quarantine items;

(2) entering or exiting biological species resources, endangered species of wild animals and plants, and their products;

(3) exiting wild animals and plants under special state protection and their products;

(4) entering or exiting microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood, blood products and other special articles (hereinafter referred to as "special articles");

(5) entering or exiting corpses and skeletons;

(6) entering or exiting luggage or articles coming from epidemic-stricken areas, polluted by contagious diseases or probably spreading contagious diseases; and

(7) other articles that shall be subject to declaration and quarantine at inspection and quarantine bodies according to the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Supervision.

Personnel carrying articles listed above into China shall make declaration and accept quarantine examination and approval as required by the inspection and quarantine bodies. Inspection and quarantine bodies may make on-site inspections on articles carried by exit-entry personnel in transportation facilities, exit-entry passages, baggage claim areas or consignment areas. X-ray apparatus, quarantine dogs and other methods can be adopted for on-spot inspections.

As for any possible undeclared articles which are required to be declared, the inspection and quarantine bodies may inquire of the exit-entry personnel carrying such articles and conduct sample inspections, and may open the relevant trunks (bags) for inspection when necessary.

[Note] For restriction on articles carried or consigned for shipment entering China, please consult the official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision ( or websites of the port inspection and quarantine bodies.

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