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2. Articles prohibited to be carried into China

In accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Measures for Quarantine of Articles Carried by Exit-Entry Personnel, the exit-entry personnel are prohibited to carry any of the following articles into China:

(1) pathogens of animals and plants (including bacterial strains and virus strains), pests and other harmful organisms;

(2) animals and plants, their products and other quarantine items coming from countries or regions with prevalent epidemic animal or plant diseases;

(3) animal corpses;

(4) soil;

(5) articles listed in the Directory of the People's Republic of China of Animals, Plants and Their Products Prohibited to Be Carried or Mailed into China; and

(6) waste and old articles, radioactive materials and other articles whose entry is prohibited by the state.

3. Handling of inspection and quarantine of foreigners entering or exiting China on foot

In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations in China, the state inspection and quarantine institutions shall distinguish whether the neighboring countries or regions have contagious diseases and take different measures. Foreigners entering or exiting China on foot shall accept health quarantine examination. The inspection and quarantine institutions shall distinguish different persons subject to inspection and focus on the health inquiry of persons coming from the epidemic-stricken areas, check up the vaccination certificates and travel documents; check up the health certificates of those exiting or entering China, and for those failing to produce effective health certificates, urge them to have a health examination at the ports or advise them to go to the nearest inspection and quarantine institution in their destination to have a health examination.

4. Items for declaration concerning articles carried when exiting China

In accordance with the relevant Chinese legal provisions, exiting personnel carrying biological species resources, endangered species of wild animals and plants, wild animals and plants under special state protection and their products, microorganisms, biological products, blood, blood products and other special articles, and luggage or articles coming from epidemic-stricken areas, polluted by contagious diseases or probably spreading contagious diseases shall make declaration to the local inspection and quarantine bodies and accept quarantine.

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