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Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminum (三门峡天元铝业股份有限公司) is China's first foreign-invested electrolytic aluminum and aluminum alloy producer listed in Hong Kong. The company was registered with the Henan Administration for Industry & Commerce on Aug 8, 2000, and was listed in Hong Kong in July 2004. Its stock code is 8253.

The company produces aluminum and aluminum alloy; sells and exports its own products; imports raw material, mechanical equipment, instruments and parts for production and R&D; and processes imported materials.

Tianyuan Aluminum now has five sub-plants and one subsidiary. By the end of 2010, it had total assets worth 2.66 billion yuan ($429.86 million) and a comprehensive production capacity of 350,000 tons, including 300,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum and 50,000 tons of aluminum alloy. Its main equipment includes advanced homemade SY190KA and SY300KA large pre-baked cells. Since 2001, the company's electrolytic aluminum has been a leader in the domestic market. It is the first company of its kind in Henan to pass the ISO9001:2000 International Quality Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Protection Certification, and OHSMS28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification. Tianyuan's flagship product, the Sanmenxia unalloyed aluminum ingots for re-melting, is one of Henan's most famous and protected brands. The company has been granted the right to engage in imports and exports and is one of the 20 foreign trade companies permitted by the Ministry of Commerce to do general trade of alumina. Its products are registered at the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the London Metal Exchange. Tianyuan is also a member of the Shanghai Futures Exchange.

Future development strategy: make a large and strong aluminum industry chain with a broad product range, create a "mine-alumina-carbon-electrolytic aluminum processing" industry chain, focus on electrolytic aluminum business, integrate mine resources, develop alumina and carbon, accelerate the development of high-precision aluminum processing, extend the industry chain, increase investment in science and technology, improve core competitiveness, implement brand strategies, and evolve into a famous brand in the aluminum industry.

The operation principles are as follows: faithful cooperation; environmental protection and energy conservation; and top-notch quality, service and company.

The management principles are as follows: flat organization, effective communication, continuous improvement, and unremitting excellence.

The management models are advanced and open-book.

The value of the company is the employees and enterprise grow together.

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