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Sanmenxia Jinqu Group Ltd (三门峡金渠集团) was transformed from former Sanmenxia Jinqu Gold Ore. It is a multi-industry enterprise group and its business operation includes gold mining, dressing and smelting, real estate development, gold transaction and road transport, Its main businesses include the exploitation and utilization of mining resources. Since 1996, it has founded Henan Jinqu Gold Ltd, Sanmenxia Sainuowei Pharmacy Ltd, Sanmenxia Jinqu Group Chemical Machinery Ltd, Sanmenxia Jinqu Group Yuxi Machine Tool Ltd and Sanmenxia Jinqu Hospital in the form of merger, acquisition, or investment. Since 2003, the enterprise group has carried out reforms in property rights system of state-owned enterprise in Sanmenxia Jinqu Group Chemical Machinery Ltd, Sanmenxia Jinqu Group Yuxi Machine Tool Ltd and Sanmenxia Jinqu Hospital. In 2012, the group sped up its structural adjustment and facilitated industrial transformation and upgrading. The group had shared right replacement with Zhongjin Gold Co, cooperated with Beijing Jialin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, cooperated with HNCC and restructured Sanmenxia Daika Hub Ltd and acquired Gansu Yumen Changyuan Mining. In April 2013, after carefully observing the exploration rights of Changyuan Mining, the enterprise group successfully acquired 65 percent shares of Gansu Zhanchang Mining Ltd owned by Zhancheng (Beijing) Asset Management Ltd. Currently, the group holds 26 percent shares of Henan Jinqu Gold Ltd, 24 percent shares of Henan Zhongyuan Gold Smeltery Ltd and 25 percent shares of Sanmenxia Daika Hub Ltd. The companies it runs include Changyuan Mining Ltd, Gansu Zhanchang Mining Ltd, Jinqu Properties Company, Jinzhi Supervision Company, gold transaction center, transport branch company and Mianchi potassium feldspar project. It is the only one municipal state-owned enterprise. 

Since its establishment, the company has produced about 30 tons of gold and reached a total of 3.4 billion yuan ($515.28 million) of profit and tax. The company has won many awards including Top 50 Companies of Henan Province, Henan Labor Award, Henan Management Model Enterprise and Henan Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise.     


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