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Inner Mongolia Jungar Economic Development Zone

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Inner Mongolia Jungar Economic Development Zone (准格尔经济开发区) is the first provincial development zone in Ordos, approved by the autonomous region's government in October 1999. It is the autonomous region's key industrial development zone with sales revenue surpassing 10 billion yuan ($1.45 billion) as well as an important platform and a main front to coordinate cities and countries' development and improve people's livelihood. It is located at Shagedu town, the junctions of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Shanxi province and Shaanxi province as well as the previous location of the People's Government of Jungar Banner. The park's planning area is 56.68 sq km with 6.7 sq km already built, while the town planning area is 36.7 sq km with 12.2 sq km currently completed and 70,000 permanent residents out of the urban longterm plan of 100,000 people.

1.Service agencies

The development zone has complete service agencies with local offices in industry and commerce, quality inspection, tax administration, tobacco, postal service, transportation administration, power supply, Banner public security, transport, market supervision, farming, forestry, health, justice, real estate management and food sectors. Furthermore, it has four communication network companies, five financial institutions, ten insurance companies, 14 schools and two hospitals. The administration office of the development zone consists of 12 departments.


The development zone has unique geographical advantages. It is located at the south central of Jungar Banner, the junctions of Shanxi province, Shaanxi province and Inner Mongolia autonomous region, placing it close to water, coal, electricity and roads. It is 40 kilometers east of the Yellow River intake, no fewer than 10 km from the central part of Jungar's coal fields and only 30 km from the power supply point of national ultra high-voltage transmission lines. Moreover, crossed by a natural gas pipeline and intersecting road networks in all directions provide strong support for the economic and social development.

3.Supporting facilities

It has accumulatively invested 2.7 billion yuan ($391.2 million) in infrastructure construction. It has built and rebuilt 68 kilometers of roads, laid 128 km of pipes, renovated the urban power grids and 110 kV substations and built a new 220 kV substation and two 35 kV substations, making the total power supply reach 760,000 kVA. It also diverted water from the Yellow River (annual water supply of 41 million cubic meters) and implemented a safe drinking water project (annual water supply of 16 million cu m); implemented a central heating project (43 km main pipe network, three heat transfer companies and 86 km secondary pipe network); built a natural gas transmission substation and laid 23 km of natural gas pipes; built two sewage treatment plants and a water ‘reclaim, reuse’ project; built a strong brine evaporation pond (2.6 million cu m in volume); purchased and leveled some land according to the project's needs and industrial development requirements; built two fire stations, ceramic exhibition and research centers, solid waste disposal sites, landfills and harmless waste disposal plants with an ash solidification project (annual disposal reaching 300,000 tons) being built; implemented road greening and lightning, communication network transformation and digital televisions into homes and built parks, squares and agricultural markets. 

By transforming the old city, it has built 1.85 million sq m of commercial and residential buildings and 124,000 sq m of office buildings. A friendly investment environment has provided strong support for the project’s construction and economic development.

4.Industrial development

According to the development zone's industrial foundation, resource endowment and location conditions, it will focus on three industrial sections:

- Non-coal business based on ceramics and calcined kaolin with a planning area of 10 sq km, four of which have so far been completed.

- Coal processing and recycled use industrial business based on classified and comprehensive use of low-quality coal, acetylene processing and coal cutter production, with a planning area of 10 sq km, six of which have been completed.

- Small and medium-sized enterprises typical of labor intensiveness, technical innovation and simple features, with a planning area of ten sq km, one of which has been used.

At the same time, a supporting logistics park of 5.6 sq km and an automobile service zone of 1.2 sq km will be built.

The development zone will continue to optimize an investment environment, simplifying administration procedures and providing project track services. It has rich resources, open lands and a strong faith in the projects themselves, and welcomes visitors as well as investors.  

In 2016, the total industrial output value was 34.2 billion yuan, the industrial sales revenue was 34.3 billion yuan, the fixed assets investment was 2.2 billion yuan, and the general public finance budget revenue was 150 million yuan.


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