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Ordos Hi-Tech Industrial Park

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Ordos Hi-Tech Industrial Park (鄂尔多斯市高新技术产业园区) is a science and technology zone promoting the transformation and upgrading of regional industries. It was planned and constructed in accordance with the national high-tech development zone standard and was approved as a autonomous region-level high-tech development zone in October 2011. 

The Park, located in the center of the city, has a planning area of 120 sq km and is set to integrate the city's areas of high-end innovative talent and entrepreneurship nesting, talent management reform pilots, strategic new industry development pilots, and the industrial transformation demonstration zone for resource-rich areas.

The Park focuses on the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and the incubation of business innovation. It also plans a balanced development of “3+5” industries, including new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, clean coal technology and cloud computing, intelligent equipment, new materials, bio-medicine, and the modern service industry. 

The Park includes four parts, namely the science and education incubator park, cloud computing industrial park, low-carbon innovation park and industry development park. 

The science and education incubator park is the core of the Ordos Hi-Tech Industrial Park, focusing on the cultivation of start-ups’ carriers. It centers on the research and development of high technologies and starts up businesses. It also puts efforts on developing its urban functions such as administrative services, education, finance, business and entertainment. 

The cloud computing industrial park is planned to be a professional one, specializing in large Internet data centers, cloud computing platforms and data industry management.

The low-carbon innovation park is set to specialize in energy and environmental protection by making it possible to finish a complete process of R&D, pilot plant testing and industrialization of new technologies. 

The industry development park focuses on the layout of new industries, such as new energy, intelligent equipment, new materials, bio-medicine and other strategic emerging industries. 

The municipal government has been highly supportive of the Park's development since it was established. The proper adjustment of management mechanisms and endowment of adequate administration authorities have effectively strengthened the development of the Park. Thanks to its improved innovation capability and comprehensive strength, the Park has become a renowned area for attracting talent, industries and ideas. 

The Park has also been approved to be the National Clean Energy International Innovation Park, Inner Mongolia's talent management reform pilot area, Inner Mongolia's industry transfer undertaker demonstration park, Inner Mongolia's enterprise garden for overseas returnees, college students and small start-ups, and Inner Mongolia’s service industry cluster. 

The Park currently boasts one state-level science and technology business incubator, four academic workstations and 13 research institutions. It has also introduced 33 high-tech industrial projects and 115 start-up projects. By 2015, the fixed assets investment has totaled 507 million yuan, sales revenue of 520 million yuan and fiscal revenue of 375 million yuan.


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