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Ordos Shengyuan Coal Chemical Industry Base

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Ordos Shengyuan Coal Chemical Industry Base (鄂尔多斯圣圆煤化工基地), established in November 2012, consists of two project areas, Huineng Industrial Zone and Ulan Moron Industrial Zone, with a total planned area of 110.2 sq km in the Ejin Horo Banner.

Huineng Industrial Zone has a planned area of 57 square kilometers. It is the demonstration park for industrial circular economy in Inner Mongolia and was listed as a municipal "double ten billion turnover" industrial park in 2011.

Ulan Moron Industrial Zone has a planned area of 53.2 sq km. It is home to three large projects – a million-ton level direct coal liquefaction project by energy company Shenhua, a coal-electricity integration project by Guodian Construction Investment, and a coal-to-chemicals project by Ulan Xinrui. 

The Base enjoys a favorable geographic location, situated in both the Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos-Yulin urban agglomeration area and Inner Mongolia-Shanxi-Shaanxi economic zone. It is also within the radial scope of the Bohai Sea economic circle. 

The geological conditions here are also unique: adequate land resources, flat terrain, convenient transportation and rich coal resources, with reserves reaching 5 billion tons. Its adequate flat land enables the perfect construction of large-scale projects. Railway, cargo terminals and fast tracks are all well planned on the blueprint of the Base. It is no more than 40 km between the Base and other important traffic routes, such as those to Ordos airport, Baotou-Xi’an Railway Station, Ordos South Railway Station, National Highway 210 and Baotou-Maoming highway. 

The Base follows a circular economy development model by treating coal-based polygeneration, coal-based fine chemicals, coal-based clean energy and coal-electricity integration economy as its leading industries. The Base is determined to be a first-class clean energy producer and a model of a new coal-chemical industry.

By the end of 2015, the Base’s total investment in fixed assets reached 46.467 billion yuan, and the industrial output reached 28.6 billion yuan, achieving 1.5 billion yuan of profits and 3.3 billions of tax revenue. In the first half of 2016, the Base received an infrastructure investment of 2.74 billion yuan, the industrial output reached 7.32 billion yuan, and the sales revenue totaled 7.14 billion yuan. 

So far, the Base is home to 21 projects and 14 enterprises, with a total contract investment capital of 133 billion yuan. Among these 21 projects, seven have been put into operation, including some national key projects, such as the first production line of the first phase of Shenhua’s million-ton level direct coal liquefaction project, two units of the coal-electricity integration power plant project by Guodian Construction Investment, and the first phase of the 2 billion cu m natural gas project by Huineng Coal Chemical Company. There are still 14 more projects under construction, as large and high quality projects enter the Base which is becoming an engine of sustainable development.

The 13th Five-Year Plan provides crucial opportunities for the Base to expand and upgrade by focusing on high-end products, strengthening innovation drive and increasing quality and efficiency. It is estimated that by 2020, the Base will total its investment in fixed assets by 80 billion yuan. The industrial output will reach 52 billion yuan, the industrial added value 16 billion yuan, the sales income 50 billion yuan and profit and tax 15 billion yuan, positioning the Base in competitive advantage for industrial transformation and regional economic development.


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