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Sanmenxia Economic and Technological Development Zone

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The Sanmenxia Economic and Technological Development Zone (三门峡经济开发区) was founded in April 1992 and was upgraded to a provincial zone by the Henan municipal government in March 1995. It covers a total area of 14.9 square kilometers and has six administrative villages with 32,000 residents.

The zone adheres to the development strategy of thriving on industry, trade, technology and cultural tourism. It focuses on inviting business and relies on high-tech industries to develop technologically advanced and export-oriented companies with high added value, high profit taxes, and zero pollution. The zone will also follow a diversified and all-around development path and play an increasingly important part in promoting Sanmenxia's economy, industrialization and urbanization. It has already become a model high-tech zone helping Sanmenxia evolve into a modern city open to the outside world.

The development zone is well planned and designed, with everything well integrated. Every street is well laid-out and every building applies consistent colors. The zone pays equal attention to green development, construction and management. It strives to expand the city, optimize urban framework and functions, enhance economic strength, upgrade city tastes and promote urbanization. It has broadened city development. The zone has built a large plaza and 100,000-square-meter concentrated greenbelt. In addition, the greening space surrounding roads and functional areas has reached 80,000 and 60,000 square meters, accounting for 50 percent of the zone and having an investment of 2.6 billion yuan ($421.8 million). The functional areas cover commerce and trade, the high-tech industry, culture and education, tourism and residences.

The zone adheres to a new industrialization road and follows a "gardens in one zone" development model. It lays equal emphasis on development of various industries to form its own industrial setup and gives priority to markets that are influential and mature to promote the tertiary industry. The zone also uses custom-made policies to foster new businesses and strengthen old ones. It encourages talents to devote themselves to economic development.

The zone is one of China's largest fruit processing bases. The machinery manufacturing, medicine and chemical industry as well as farm products processing have become a main driving force for the zone's development. From 1992 to 2013, investment in the zone has amounted to 4.3 billion yuan ($694.88 million). The zone has introduced 1,120 projects that cover 6.5 square kilometers, accounting for 85 percent of the planned area. It was granted a provincial advanced development zone award for 2004-2005 by the Henan Commerce Department and passed checks to become a national accredited provincial development zone on Dec 8, 2005. Since then, the zone has been on a coordinated and scientific development road that has considerably improved its economy and industry.

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