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Sanmenxia Industry Cluster

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Established in April 2006, the Sanmenxia Industry Cluster (三门峡产业聚集区) is a provincial-level industry cluster and one of the key clusters open to the outside world. In 2013, it was approved to be the national new-type industrial industries demonstration base. The government has named it a provincial aluminum industrial base and an energy-saving lighting industry demonstration base. It covers a total area of 100 square kilometers. The first-phase planning area covers 31.73 square kilometers. The cluster has a population of 63,000.

In recent years, the cluster has taken advantage of its superb location, convenient traffic, rich resources and labor force and has actively been developing the aluminum industry, energy, advanced equipment manufacturing, the energy-saving lighting industry and farm products processing. By the end of 2009, the cluster had 82 enterprises and 15,000 employees. Total company assets are worth 24.02 billion yuan ($3.62 billion). In 2009, main business income amounted to 15.75 billion yuan and tax revenues stood at 880 million yuan. Its main economic indicators are one of the top 10 among Henan's 175 industrial clusters.

Resource advantages

A total of 66 mineral reserves have been discovered around the cluster, including 57 proven reserves. Thirty-one mineral reserves are among the top three in Henan. Twenty-seven minerals have already been tapped into, and gold, bauxite and coal are three major resources. Gold reserves have yielded more than 360 tons and gross reserves are predicted to total 600 tons. Annual output ranks second place nationwide.

Bauxite has been found in more than 20 areas, with 280 million tons in prospective reserves. A total of 160 million tons are available. The bauxite minerals are high grade and widely distributed so they are easy to exploit.

Sanmenxia's coal field covers an area of 368 square kilometers, with 2.7 billion tons in prospective reserves and 1.8 million in recoverable deposits, ranking second in Henan province. The main types of coal include jet coal, coking coal and lean coal, all of which are widely used in coal chemical and electric power industries.

In addition, Sanmenxia has abundant non-ferrous metals, such as magnesium, copper and lead. It also boasts rare metals, such as lithium, tantalum, niobium, cesium and antimony, and non-metallic mineral resources, such as graphite.

Industrial strength

Sanmenxia has taken advantage of its resources and actively promotes economic and social development. It has developed five pillar industries – energy, aluminum, gold, coal chemical and fruit processing.

The city is capable of producing 30 million tons of raw coals and has an installed electricity capacity of 4 million kilowatts, with another 4.4 million kilowatts to be added. It has an annual alumina capacity of 6 million tons and electrolytic aluminum capacity of 825,000 tons. The city processes 80,000 tons of aluminum annually and 3 million aluminum wheel hubs. Annual gold output amounts to 450,000 tons, ranking second countrywide.

Sanmenxia produces 3.75 million cubic meters of coal gas daily and puts out 700,000 tons of methanol, 50,000 tons of 1,4-butanediol, and 100,000 tons of methyl ether annually. The zone is one of Henan’s planned coal chemical bases.The city has 1.5-million-mu (100,000 hectares) of forest and produces 910 million kilograms of fruits and 350,000 tons of concentrated fruit juice.Sanmenxia will be dedicated to the development of aluminum deep processing, coal chemicals and high-tech industries.


The cluster has an installed electricity capacity of 1.9 million kilowatts and five converting stations for 220,000 and 110,000 volts. At the same time, it's well-furnished with water supply and drainage, electricity, roads, gas, steam and communication systems. Electricity is priced at 0.42 yuan/kilowatt-hour, lower than average, thanks to the government's favorable policies. Gas is supplied from two sources and priced at 0.7 yuan per cubic meter. The existing heating capacity is 520 tons per hour and 120 yuan for steam. The cluster has kicked off its entrepreneurship center, standard factory construction and blue-collar apartment and expert apartment projects, utilizing 1 million square meters in overall floorage. The road in the new zone runs more than 20 kilometers. In 2010, infrastructure investment will exceed 2 billion yuan, which will provide better conditions for companies.

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