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In accordance with national and provincial related policies and regulations, the preferential policies for investment promotion and introduction mainly include the following:

1. Break up regional and departmental ownerships and industry monopolies, and be open to investors, except from areas forbidden by law and regulations.

2. For high-tech production projects with investment above $20 million or total investment above 5 million yuan ($753,841) and fixed assets investment above 100 million yuan, the government will give away 50 percent of land-transferring fees as rewards. Investing in provincial high-tech projects and paying off lump-sum land-transferring fees will reduce total land price by 30 percent.

3. Starting from the first day of profitability, domestic and foreign enterprises that settle down will enjoy 50 percent of the newly-increased part of the local economy in the first two years and 20 percent in the following three years, after they pay the added-value tax.

4. Investment in accordance with provincial or national strategies or the plan of the five 10-million-yuan industrial clusters will also enjoy special awards and be given priority for land use.

5. Investments in national key projects, animal husbandry and fishery, public infrastructure, environmental protection, energy and water conservation projects will enjoy national and provincial preferential tax policies.

6. For foreign investment in encouraged projects, with registered capital of more than $10 million, costs incurred during business registration and capital verification will be fully subsidized.

7. Foreign investment will enjoy local classified power prices stipulated by government departments. Production projects in the industrial clusters will enjoy corresponding favorable power prices. Foreign investors and employees will enjoy equal treatment in water use, heating, medical service, child education and employment.

8. Export-oriented companies will be rewarded 0.05 yuan per $1 worth of exports to renovate technology and expand market.

9. The first person who introduces encouraged projects with investment ranging from 50 million yuan to two billion yuan will get rewards. Introducing super-large projects that involve more than two billion yuan in fixed assets investment will be amply rewarded based on specific circumstances. In addition to monetary rewards, introducers will receive an advanced business inviter award.

[This English version is only for reference. To learn more, please refer to the authoritative Chinese version.]

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