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—Formulate policies to support the accelerated development of advanced manufacturing industry; set up a special policy for the development of basic industries such as automobile, machinery and high-end equipment manufacturing, software and the Internet, and food processing; and make great efforts in supporting enterprises to become bigger and stronger regarding technological transformation, civil and military integration, energy saving and other aspects.

—Vigorously promote the Advice on Utilization of Foreign Investment, strive to create a good business environment, and comprehensively enhance the quality and level of foreign investment. The Advice on Speeding up the Transformation and Upgrading of Development Zones and Industrial Parks is issued by the government to create a new type of industrial development leading area, a high level of business environment demonstration area, a group entrepreneurship and innovation gathering area and the pilot area for open economy and institutional innovation.

—Encourage the adoption of means of restructuring, transformation and upgrading, or technology invested as capital stock or management consulting; strengthen cooperation with multinational corporations and central enterprises to promote and support the existing key enterprises of designated scales to grow bigger and stronger; and strive to achieve the objective that developing a group of enterprises of 100 million yuan and 5 billion yuan industrial output value, concerning areas of automobiles and spare parts, machinery and equipment manufacturing, ship-building and spare parts, petrochemicals, and new energy sources.

—Fully implement the Municipal Level Special Advices on Eight Key Service Industries including software and information services, e-commerce, tourism, health and provisions for the aged services, modern finance, traditional commerce and trade, modern logistics, and port development. We must put great efforts to accelerate transformation and upgrading of service enterprises and let them grow bigger and stronger.

—For investment projects of major industries and modern service industry, we will carry out specialized policies for every enterprise, do special deeds with special ways, and organize special groups to provide professional services.

—Actively help enterprises declare high and new technological enterprise, R&D organization above the provincial level, or famous brands; tackle key problems in science and technology, transfer results, and promote industrial-academic-research cooperation. The municipal government will give financial support and rewards to those as declared and created.

—Twenty-eight policies are issued to accelerate regional industry science and technology innovations. The municipal government will also give full support for the cultivation of innovative enterprises, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, innovation vitality, and financing of science and technology enterprises. 

— Actively develop a mixed ownership economy and encourage all kinds of capital to increase their investment, financial leasing, and acquisition of shares. According to market requirements, to participate in municipal state-owned enterprises' projects with joint equity when the market of the industry is fully competitive. For key projects of infrastructure, social undertakings and public works, investment conditions, business models, profit model and liability must be made clear and specific to attract foreign capital. 

—Give welcome reception and expense support to famous enterprises at home and abroad which come to Yangzhou to hold executive conferences, industry conferences, training conferences, and commercial investigations. 

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