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1. Superior Location 

Location: Yangzhou stands at the junction of Yangtze River and the Grand Canal. It sits at the center of Jiangsu Province, serving as an important node city in the economic circle of Yangtze River Delta region and an important port city of commerce, trade and tourism. 

Administrative division: Yangzhou governs three districts named Hanjiang, Guangling and Jiangdu, two county-level cities named Gaoyou and Yizheng, one county named Baoying, and the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The total governing area is 6,591 square kilometers with a registered population of 4.62 million. The urban area is 2,306 sq km with a population of 2.32 million. 

Climate & Topography: Yangzhou falls within the subtropical humid area, enjoying four distinct seasons and moderate climate. The landscapes belong to flat flood plain, typically in the Yangtze River Delta region. Over 90 percent of Yangzhou is plain with countless rivers and lakes crisscrossing, and edged by an 80 km steady coastline of the Yangtze River. It is rich in resources like grain, cotton, oil and aquatic products. It also abounds with mineral deposits such as petrol, natural gas, hot springs and ores.

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