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Foreign-Invested Enterprise Registration

1. Administrative examination and approval required

2. Applicable laws and administrative authorization

(Corporation Law; Administrative Permission Law; Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures; Law of the People's Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures; Law of the People's Republic of China on Foreign Capital Enterprises)

3. Examining authority

4. Municipal administration for industry and commerce

5. Legality of license

6. Licensed enterprises can engage in business only after obtaining the Business License for Legal Person or a Business License.

Foreign-Invested Enterprise Project Approval

1. Processing

a. The project must be mentioned in the State Guiding Category of Encouraged Projects Established by Foreign Companies and cannot be included in State obsolete industries in infrastructure. Foreign-backed projects of less than $10 million must meet the requirements of the Catalogue of industries for Guiding Foreign Investment and Catalogue of Competitive Industries for Foreign Investment in the Central and Western Regions and domestic-backed projects must involve no more than $20 million in investment.

b. The project must conform to the State laws, regulations, industrial policies, and urban planning rules.

c. The project must meet industrial access standards.

d. Capital for the construction must be in place.

2. Procedures

a. Applicant must file application report and related materials with relevant administrative office.

b. Administrative office must check application report first, or entrust qualified advisor, if necessary, with project assessment before approval.

c. Administrative office must make a written decision on administrative license to the applicant and, in case of failure to comply with requirements, it must release a written decision on denying the license and explain the action.

Note: domestic-backed projects of more than $20 million or foreign-backed projects of more than $10 million must be submitted to the Development and Reform Commission of Guizhou province for approval.

3. Application materials must cover the following:

a. Application report by qualified advisor, including condition of applicant and project, built-upland and planning, resource utilization framework, energy consumption analysis, analysis of environmental impact, and social and economic effect.

b. City plan from administrative urban planning authority.

c. Assessment from administrative land resource authority and confirmation of land auction provided by operating investment projects, such as real estate.

d. Environment impact assessment from administrative environmental protection office.

e. Business license of legal person, business license, business license of legal representative.

f. Any related documents required by law, rules or regulations.

4. Charge

No charge.

5. Processing time and service

In making its decision on granting the administrative license, the administrative office must make its license decision public within 20 working days after the date of receiving the report. In the event of an unexpected situation, the time can be extended 10 working days with a written notice to the applicant.

6. Contacts

Address: Development and Reform Commission, Guizhou Province,3rd Industrial Development Office, Room 307, Area B, Municipal Administration Center, Phase Ⅱ, Jinyang New District, Guiyang.

Contact number: 0851—798-9069,0851—798-9071

8. Related offices

Municipal Urban Planning Bureau

Land and Resource Bureau

Provincial Bureau of Environmental Protection


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