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Yuhang Economic Development Zone

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Brief introduction to Yuhang Economic Development Zone 

Approved by the government of Zhejiang province, and situated in the northeast of the Yuhang district of Hangzhou, the Yuhang Economic Development Zone (YEDZ,余杭经济技术开发区) was established in 1993 as a provincial-level industrial park.

YEDZ is the pivot of a multi-dimensional transportation network composed of railways, highways, airports and seaports. With a huge potential market, a solid industrial foundation, abundant resources and efficient public services, YEDZ has become an ideal place for industrial investment.


The administration committee of YEDZ has invested to improve infrastructure construction and increase a forestation. Its first phase, covering an area of 11.32 square kilometers, has a superb infrastructure, which has attracted many industrial projects.

Its second phase, with a planning area of 58 square kilometers, is designed to build an industrial park with high standards.

Roads: The newly-built No 320 provincial highway traverses YEDZ. The road construction in the initial area has completed, with a total length exceeding 30 kilometers and width ranging from 18 to 40 meters, and a load capacity reaching 100 tons. Green belts have been set along both sides of the roads.

Power supply: YEDZ, situated in the center of the Zhejiang electric power network, has sufficient and stable access to electricity supply. The substation in YEDZ has a capacity of 24,000 KVA for 35 KV input and 63,000 KVA for 110 KV input, which provides electricity supply around the clock. In addition, dual-loop electricity supply is also accessible if requested by the clients.

Water supply: The water supply systems in YEDZ have a daily tap water supply capacity of 120 kilotons for living or industrial use, which meets national drinking water standards.  

Steam supply: The zone's steam and power plant provides steam at a pressure of 7kg/cm2 and temperature of 190 degree. One or two thermal power plants are planned to be built inside the zone. By then the steam supplied will reach the pressure of 10-39 kg/sq cm and the temperature of 300-440 degree. 

Posts and Telecommunications: The zone has completed a digital transmission construction. The DDN, ISDN, Packet Switching System, and Visual Telephone System have been put into operation. A broadband network has also been installed in the zone.

Drainage and Sewage system: Rainwater and wastewater discharge systems are separated. The rain water pipes connect to the Grand Canal. The discharge and treatment network of wastewater has been put into operation. After being treated initially by the enterprises to meet relevant standards, the wastewater will be drained into sewage pipelines that link to the river discharge network.

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