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Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 

Originating from the Ice Lantern Show in 1985, the Harbin Ice Festival has become one of the world's four largest ice and snow festivals, along with the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, the Quebec Winter Carnival in Canada and Norway's Ski Festival. The festival is held every year in January, and last until the end of February when the ice starts to melt.

Various activities including firework displays, ice lantern garden parties, photography contests, ice and snow sports, draw a large number of tourists to Harbin to enjoy the ice and snow. The annual event is also a platform for domestic and overseas businesses to seek economic and trade cooperation opportunities.

The China Harbin Ice Lantern Garden Party

The China Harbin Ice Lantern Garden Party is held in Zhaolin Park in Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province. It has been held annually from January to February since 1963.

It's the oldest and largest open-air artistic exhibition of ice lanterns in the world, covering an area of 6.5 hectares, with about 1,500 ice lanterns on display. With the illumination of colorful lights, the whole park turns into a fairytale world, attracting numerous tourists from around the world. The lantern garden party has become a platform to display a distinctive cultural art combining ice and snow.

China Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo

China Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo is held at Sun Island scenic area in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province. The annual event starts in December and has run since 1987. It lasts until the end of Chinese Spring Festival, running for 60 to 70 days.

The expo is the origin of China's snow sculpture art. Every year, beautiful snow sculptures are displayed to the public. The expo includes a four-day sculpture competition, attracting famous sculptors from home and abroad to demonstrate their skills. It has become the main event to promote ice and snow tourism.

Harbin Summer Cultural Tourism Festival

The Harbin Summer Cultural Tourism Festival has become an important brand for Harbin since it was established in 2008. The theme, "Fantastic Ice City, Romantic Summer Capital", has become the city's major publicity slogan in the summer.

The cultural tourism festival demonstrates Harbin's tourism resources, including natural ecology, historical culture, and European-style and festival activities, through the integration of over 50 special festival activities and about 100 tourism, economy and trade, sports, cultural and art activities in summer. The "Ice City and Summer Capital" has become a high-end brand for the city.

The China-Russia Expo (Harbin International Fair for Trade and Economic Cooperation)

China-Russia Expo, renamed in 2014, was formerly called the China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair, an annual cooperation project between China and Russia since 1990.

This annual China-Russia Expo has been successfully held 30 times in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province. The event is jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Heilongjiang provincial government, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The fair was upgraded to China-Russia Exposition to focus on bilateral cooperation between China and Russia. It is a platform to promote bilateral complementarity in terms of investments and commodities between China and Russia, and will attract more Chinese capital to boost bilateral cooperation on the electricity, energy, logistics, mining and infrastructure industries.

The expo has become more than a platform for China-Russia economic exchanges as it has played a unique role in promoting the "Belt and Road Initiative". Businesspeople from more than 60 countries along the Belt and Road routes attending the expo are proof of that. The economic development of Heilongjiang Province and the surrounding provinces of northwest China are promoted enormously by this renowned international fair.

China Harbin Summer Music Festival

China Harbin Summer Music Festival is a State-level music art festival jointly held by Ministry of Culture of the People' Republic of China and Harbin municipal people's government. Up to now it has been successfully held 34 times, making it the longest and most frequent music event in China.

The concert has become a traditional event for the city since 1961 and attains a high reputation for the city. A large number of visitors from both home and abroad are attracted by this world famous pageant held once every two years. During the concerts, from the 6th to the 15th of August, a variety of colorful performances can be enjoyed. Performers and musicians from different countries, including Austria, France, India, and Russia will also be bringing the very best of their repertories to the summer concert in Harbin.

China Harbin Summer Music Festival has also become better known worldwide as a music fiesta and has since become an integral part of life for Harbin residents every summer.

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