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Dalian Changxing Island Zone for Port-related Industries

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Changxing Avenue

Dalian Changxing Island Zone for Port-related Industries (大连长兴岛经济技术开发区)is located at the Liaodong Peninsula and is right in the middle section on the coastline of the Bohai Sea side of Dalian. Long-term development planning will cover 129.7 square kilometers and an area of 92.8 square kilometers of the zone has been for port-related industries (including 21.1 square kilometers of the port area and 71.7 square kilometers of the industrial part) while another has been marked for a total of 36.9 square kilometers for residential and holiday developments.

Supporting facilities: 

Transport: The zone is linked by the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, a provincial-level road, which runs across the island and is only a 50-minute drive to Dalian. The construction of the expressway from South Haiwan Bridge Exit of Shenyang-Dalian Expressway to Changxing Island and the railway extending into the Island will be completed by the end of 2006. The 10,000 deadweight tonnage, Changxing Island bulk cargo terminal will soon be in operation. The initial construction of the deep-draft 50,000-70,000 DWT berths was completed in 2007.

Water Supply: the current water supply capacity is 20,000 tons and a water supply project which will have the capacity to hold 50,000-100,000 tons of water a day will be built at a soon date.

Power Supply: a new transformer substation of 220 kilovolt was built in 2005.

Communications: well-established communication facilities.

Industrial orientation: Major equipments for manufacturing, shipbuilding and supporting manufacturing high-quality steel, chemical refinement, warehousing and logistics and export processing. 


Hengli Group at the Dalian Changxing Island Zone for Port-related Industries

Investment climate: With aarich coastline and land resources, it possesses advantageous conditions for the development of large-scale port-related industries. 44 kilometers of the 91.6 km-long coastlines can be used in developing port-related industries and are suitable for the construction of port berths with capacity ranging from 50,000 to 300,000 tons. 185 square kilometers if for the waste land and beaches as well as mountains and forest lands can be developed for use. This satisfies the land's needs for large industrial projects and port construction in a cost-efficient manner. Dalian Changxing Island Zone for Port-related Industries Administrative Committee. 

Address: Lingang Industrial Park, Changxing Island, Wafangdian City, Dalian

Contact: Yi Qingtao, Yin Changzhuang 

Tel: +86-411-85280054

Fax: +86-411-85281899





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