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Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone

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Dalian Development Area (hereafter refer to as "DDA")(大连经济技术开发区) is the first state level economic and technological development area approved by the state council. Under the administration of Dalian, the most opened up city in North China, with its radius covering the vast hinterland of the Northeast and Inner Mongolia, DDA has become the vanguard of economic development in Liaoning Province and a trial field, a window and a pioneer zone for the opening up of China's economic policy in the Northeast.


The use of industrial land is assigned through a bidding process, and comes with a right to use the land for 50 years. DDA provides "Seven Connections and One Leveling". According to the Lowest Standard of Industrial-used Land Assignment in China (GUOTUZIFA [2006] 307) issued by the State Ministry of Land and Resources, the use of industrial land in China is measured using 15 levels. DDA falls under level six, and the price for a basic land ranges between 360 to 560 yuan per square meter. The land indexes (excluding investment density) of newly established, reconstructed and expanded industrial projects in DDA shall be implemented in compliance with the Notice of Issuance and Implementation of CONTRAL INDEX OF INDUSTRIAL PROJECT CONSTRUCTION LAND (GUOTUZIFA [2008] 24) issued by the State Ministry of Land and Resources. The investment density increases by 15 percent over the above Notice No 24, namely, up by 15 percent over the control index of category 2. Investment density = total fixed assets investment divided by thetotal land area. Note: Total fixed assets include workshops, equipment and land payment. 

Financial Services

After its entrance into the WTO, Dalian has become one of the first four cities that has opened up its finance policies. Presently, more than 2,270 financial institutions have been founded in Dalian, establishing a network with over 150 countries, thus making Dalian the biggest international center in North China. Dalian has 21 foreign funded financial institutions. It has become a city that is most densely populated by foreign banks in the northeast. There are also two foreign insurance companies and five officers representing the foreign insurance companies.

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