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1. China International Beer Festival

China International Beer Festival, as the only domestic state-level beer festival, has been successfully held for 17 years. Every July, large beer enterprises from both home and abroad bring over 400 beer brands to the exhibition, which will attract more than one million citizens who will take active part in the festival and realize nearly 100 million comprehensive economic returns. 

Over the past few years, under the guidance of the Dalian municipal Party committee and government, the beer festival is increasingly becoming popular. Not only has the beer festival provided domestic and overseas beer enterprises with a platform of cooperation and exchanges, but it has also become a municipal brand campaign with the highest involvement of the vast citizens. In addition, the beer festival has promoted such industries as city travel, commercial shopping, hotels and transportation and brought great economic and social effects to the city development.

2. Dalian (Lushunkou) International Cherry Festival

Dalian (Lushunkou) International Cherry Festival, jointly hosted by Dalian Municipal Tourism Administration and Lushunkou District Government, opens annually in No 203 Cherry Park in Lushunkou.

On the day of the opening ceremony, a large number of people will gather in the No 203 Cherry Park which is as large as half million square meters. They came specially to appreciate the natural beauty amid the sea of flowers afforded by more than 3,000 cherry trees which are blossoming successively. Moreover, magnolia, forsythia, begonia and cloves are other attractions for the tourists. Under colorful lights, flowers are especially attractive during the night not only because of the inborn romantic beauty, but also due to the mysterious aroma of enchantment. 

About 20 series of activities are to be conducted during the cherry festival including mass cultural and sports activities, spring outings, hiking activities and tourist activities. Many incentive measures will be taken during the festival. These activities provide a peaceful holiday atmosphere for the tourists.

3. China · Dalian International Hot Spring Ski Festival 

China · Dalian International Hot Spring Ski Festival is organized by Dalian Tourism Bureau, Pulandian District Government, Administrative Committee of Jinpu New District, Wafangdian Municipal Government and Zhuanghe Municipal Government. The annual Dalian International Hot Spring Ski Festival, an important activity of rural tourism in Dalian, has become a name card of Dalian's winter tourism.

The festival commenced on December and lasted until March of the next year.

4. Dalian International Marathon

Jointly hosted by Chinese Athletic Association and Dalian Municipal Government, Dalian International Marathon (DIM) kicks off annually at Dalian International Conference Center.

Since 1987, the event has been held consecutively at Dalian, as one of the oldest marathon events in China. It is an international event certified by IAAF, AIMS and Chinese Athletic Association.

The Dalian Marathon competition usually includes six events: men/women personal marathon, marathon team event (42.195 kilometers); men's wheelchair marathon (42.195 km); men/women half marathon (21.0975 km); men/women wheelchair half marathon (21.0975km); men and women 10km fitness run (10 km); men and women mini marathon (4.2 km). And there are four different routes prepared for all types of marathons. 

5. Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affair

Dalian is reputed as the city of the Chinese Scholar Tree (Pagoda Tree) and its blossom in May. Starting from 1989, Dalian Chinese scholar tree Blossom Affair has been a big annual event in the city.

Kite flying contests, folk dancing performances, Chinese painting and calligraphy displays are usually held during the period. In the kite flying contest, participants from over all the country bring all sorts of Chinese kites to compete.

Every year, they also hold grand parade performances, opening and closing ceremonies during the fair. This has become a significant festival for the city of Dalian and its citizens. At the same time, tourists from South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries also participate in this grand festival, bringing exotic cultural performances.

6. The International Shipbuilding, Marine Equipment and Offshore Engineering Exhibition

Founded back in 1992, the International Shipbuilding, Marine Equipment and Offshore Engineering Exhibition (SHIPTEC CHINA) has grown into one of the leading and most influential maritime exhibitions in Northeast Asia. It is held every other year in the shipbuilding and shipping city of Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Backed with the shipbuilding industry in Northeast Asia, SHIPTEC CHINA is building itself up to become an international branded maritime exhibition while driving technological advances in shipbuilding as a must-attend event and important communication platform.

It has also been playing an important role in strengthening links and cooperation between China and international maritime industry, and in maintaining a healthy and sustained development of the industry on this part of the world.

With in-depth understanding of China's shipbuilding and shipping industries, SHIPTEC CHINA builds up itself into a more outstanding, influential and well-reputed maritime event in northern China.


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