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Jimei Taiwanese Investment Zone

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The Jimei District Government gives priority to the development of such sectors as industry with advanced technology, communications and transportation, domestic and foreign trade, finance and insurance, tourism and service, construction and real estate, information industry and quality agriculture. The following projects or items are recommended for investment. 

1. Machinery, Electromechanical and Metallurgical Industries

Production and development of parts and components of passenger cars and motorcycles; environmental protection equipment; engineering transport and removal equipments; road building machinery and removal equipment; moulds; machinery foundation parts; photoelectric-electro mechanic products; hard alloy cutters; textile machinery and intensively processed tungsten products.

2. Electronic Information Industry

Production and development of computers and computer related products; (including hard disk driver, floppy disk driver, CD-ROM driver, main board, monitor, laser BJ printer & components, UPS etc.) computer application system; network equipment and products; multi-media terminal devices; specialized commercial computers; patent intelligent cards; software; numeric or fiber optical communication system and equipment; numeric mobile communication products; microelectronic units or parts; new display devices; numeric products; electronic automobile products; green illuminating products.

3. Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Production and development of new synthetic materials, products and related raw materials; functional plastic products; synthetic rubber and resin; radial tire and other automobile rubber products; sensitive materials; chemical assistants; electronic chemical products and other fine chemical and engineering products; products with membrane-separation technology. 

4. Medicine and Medical Apparatus

Production and development of chemical compound medicine and medical intermediates; high effect western medicine; biochemical medicine; new medical apparatus. 

5. Textile and Light Industries

Production and development of high quality new articles of everyday use; compound perfume and monomer perfume; special instruments; new chemical fiber and its products; fine spinning combed yarns; technical leveling of machine-woven or knitted products after dyeing; high-quality cloth and clothes-making; special industry-used textile products; high-capacity new battery; fuel cells for electric vehicles.

6. Building Materials

Production and development of intensive processed glass products; glass fiber products and glass fiber reinforced plastics; high grade ceramic products and materials; new light weight building materials; wall materials; high quality chemical building materials; high quality decorating and refurbishing materials. 

7. New Industries

Development of technologies in microelectronics, new materials, bioengineering, new energy resources and energy-saving, isotopic radiation and lasers; ocean development, treatment and exploitation; resource utilization and regeneration; environmental pollution control; development and utilization of pollution-free resources and energies. 

8. Tourism

Development of tourist facilities characterized by cultural appeal and advantages in sports recreation or in protection of ecology and resources. 

9. Service Sector

Establishment of consultancy services for economy, finance, science and technology; technical services for high-tech development; maintenance services for sophisticated apparatus and equipment; warehouse services; educational and physical exercise facilities; specialized hospital with high medical standards; and neighborhood commercial or catering service centers. 

10. Agriculture

Building of irrigation works; introducing, raising and popularizing high-quality, high yielding new breeds (or offspring seeds); setting up of large-scale animal and poultry processing base; production of high quality feeds and additive agents; development of aquatic products, of new technology in storing and fresh-processing agricultural, animal and aquatic products; establishment of flower and plant cultivation bases; production and processing of advanced bio-graphical pesticides and fertilizers; and development of recreational sightseeing agriculture.

11. Real Estate

Urban renovation; development and construction of commercial or residential area.




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