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Xiamen Export Processing Zone

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The Xiamen Export Processing Zone, established at the approval of the State Council, is a special area under the supervision of the Customs bureau. The bureau offers round-the-clock service with a new mode of "single declaration, single examination of documents and single inspection of cargoes". The enterprises in the zone enjoy not only the convenience of customs services, but also the special preferential policies applicable to export processing zones and special economic zones. Infrastructure facilities including roads, water supple, power supply, telecommunication, waste discharge, flood drainage and cable TV, and service organizations such as customs, cargo inspection & quarantine, banks, transportation and warehousing are available in the zone. Formalities for import and export can be completed there as well.

The Xiamen Export Processing Zone is situated on the tip of the Xiamen-Zhongzhou-Quanzhou triangular area in the south of Fujian province where the provincial economy is most flourishing and industry and commerce are the most developed. Facing Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait, it is just between Zhujiang Delta and Changjiang Delta, the two most economically developed areas on the Chinese coast. 

Haicang port area is a component part of Xiamen port, and is a pilot for the direct shipping between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. With position advantages, the coast of Haicang can accommodate 36 over 10,000 ton berths, with an annual handling capacity of 70-90 million tons of cargo, which makes Xiamen an important entrepot in southeast China.

The Processing Zone is joined to the downtown of Xiamen Island by the 6km long Haicang Bridge.

Base Preferential Policies

Exemption of Import Tax

Equipment such as machines, moulds and their spare parts needed for production and infrastructure construction, materials for project construction and office necessities for self-use are exempted from import tax.

Tax Refunding

Foreign-funded enterprises in China outside the zone selling their products to the zone can have their VAT refunded. Sales of Chinese-made machines, parts, materials for production, elements, packing materials and a reasonable quantity of construction materials are regarded as exports and enjoy tax refunding treatment.

Import Bonding 

Materials, parts, elements, packing materials and other consumables imported by the enterprises in the zone for processing will all be bonded.

Tax Exemption for Exports

Products for exports are exempted from tax.

Goods such as products, raw and auxiliary materials and machines exchanged with other export-oriented processing zones are exempt from tax.

Quota permits

Imports and exports by the enterprises in the zone need no quota permits unless otherwise required by government regulation.

Other Incentives

Preferential policies of the Haicang Investment Zone are also applicable to the Xiamen Export Processing Zone.

Investment Density: 4 million dollars per hectare.



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