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Electronics and IT industry, machinery industry, and chemical industry are Xiamen’s three backbone industries.

Electronics and IT Industry

Electronic companies in Xiamen are expanding, with two of them ranking among the 100 biggest electronic companies and six ranking among the top 100 electronic component producers in China.

Xiamen's basic strategy to develop the Electronics and IT Industry is to facilitate the growth of the whole set product manufacturers and make the best of the business opportunities generated to boost the strength of the entire industrial stream. The ability of self-initiated product development has also been emphasized. Products related to the four categories including computers, mobile telecommunications, audio and video equipment, components and accessories will be prioritized.

Machinery Industry

Main businesses in this sector include engineering machinery, aircraft maintenance, tungsten products, bus making, power transmission and distribution equipment, ship making, aluminum foil, and new technology machinery. In regards to these businesses, Xiamen outstrips its competitors in the country with some of its products reaching highest international standards. Currently, the machinery producers are concentrating on two primary areas, namely the Electromechanic Industrial Park and the Aviation Industrial Park.

The basic strategy is to continuously expand whole set production while improving basic technologies and enlarging the production of key components. Five categories of business, including automobiles and engineering machinery, aircraft maintenance, shipbuilding, T&D equipment and metal processing will be prioritized.

Chemical Industry

Main product categories include aromatic hydrocarbon and chemical fibers, light sensitive materials and fine chemicals, rubber and tires. Enterprises involved in the aromatic hydrocarbon business are primarily located in the Southern Industrial Area in Haicang District. Those with the two other products are mostly located in Xinyang Industrial Area of the same district.

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