Documents required for adoption of stepchildren by foreign citizens

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According to the No 2008-4 file issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, parties involved in stepchild adoption by a foreign citizen shall prepare and submit documents and papers as follows:

I. Documents and papers prepared by foreign citizens

1. Application letter for inter-country adoption (which makes clear the applicants' willingness to allow post-placement follow-ups and provide post-placement reports as required);

2. Birth certificate;

3. Marriage certificate of the adopter and the child's biological father or mother;

4. A certificate provided by the competent authority of the adopter's nationality country approving this inter-country adoption, or a certificate provided by the competent authority to approve the adopted child's naturalization or entrance into the country;

5. Occupation, income and financial status certificate;

6. Physical examination certificate;

7. Criminal/ Non-criminal record certificate;

8. Home study report;

9. Copy of passport;

10. Two bareheaded photos (two inches) and six family photos.

All the certificates except those required in item 9 and 10 must be produced by the competent body in the resident country and authenticated by diplomatic organization of the resident country or agencies authorized by the diplomatic organization and notarized by the embassy or consulate of the People's Republic of China in that country.

II. Documents and papers prepared by the person placing the child for adoption

The person placing the child for adoption shall submit the following documents and papers to the civil affairs department of local provincial government, autonomous regions or a municipality directly under the Central Government:

1. A written confirmation by the biological mother or father of the stepchild that he or she agrees with the adoption;

2. His or her residence booklet and identity card;

3. Residence certificate or identity card of the adoptee;

4. A certificate certifying the parenthood between the sender and the child;

5. Two bareheaded photos (two inches) of the adoptee.


If the stepchild is older than 10 years old (10 years included), he/she shall provide a statement of his/ her will to be adopted.

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