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Change, extension, renewal and cancellation of Foreigner’s Work Permit

Updated: Nov 7, 2017 Print
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If there is any change in the applicant's personal information (name, passport number, job title, category), the application should be filed with the relevant decision-making body within 10 days after the change.



If the employer continues to hire the applicant in the same post (occupation), a new application should be filed to the decision-making body 30 days prior to the expiration date of the applicant's work permit, but not earlier than 90 days before the permit's expiration date.



When a Foreigner's Work Permit Card is lost or damaged, the applicant should issue a statement on the Management and Service System for Foreigners Working in China and file an application for renewal to the relevant decision-making body effective from the day when the card was lost or was found to be lost. Where the card is damaged, the applicant should present the original permit card in order to apply for a new one.



The foreigner's work permit will be automatically canceled after its expiration date if it is not extended. Permits withdrawn or revoked according to law will be canceled immediately by relevant decision-making bodies. If the applicant dies or loses his capacity or terminates his contract of employment before the date of expiration, the employer should file an application to the decision-making body for cancelation of the work permit within 10 days after the occurrence of the condition. If the employer is terminated, the applicant may file an application to the decision-making body for cancelation of the work permit. If the foreigner's work permit has been canceled, the applicant can apply to the decision-making body for proof documenting the cancelation.

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