Zhejiang province releases new policies for overseas Chinese

Updated: Oct 28, 2017 Print
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The public security authority of East China's Zhejiang province announced new policies in January 2017 to attract overseas Chinese and high-level experts from abroad to settle in the province.

China's household registration, known as "hukou", officially identifies a person as a resident of an area and includes identifying information such as name, parents, spouse, and date of birth. Zhejiang made some improvements of the local registration system in accepting overseas Chinese businessmen and experts, forming a new scheme beneficial to these people.

Aiming to invite Zhejiang businessmen in other countries, overseas Chinese and international talent to help boost the innovative development of Zhejiang, the whole scheme adopted measures such as extending the scale of applicants, lowering the application threshold and simplifying the procedures for examination and approval.

According to the scheme, second and third generations of overseas Zhejiang businessmen, who do not have "hukou" in China, may apply to settle in Zhejiang as long as they invest in or pay taxes in the province.

The application process has been simplified from complicated procedures to being dealt with in accordance to investment or tax records.

Those who have been living in Zhejiang for more than five years and are willing to give up permanent residencies of other countries are allowed to register in their parent's residence within the province, according to the new scheme.

The new policy also allows overseas Chinese high-level experts and professionals to have "hukou" in Zhejiang, so long as they have credentials as members of "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" or residence permits for high-level experts from abroad issued by the provincial government. Their spouses and children under the age of 18 are also allowed to settle with them.

The Zhejiang public security authority said these new policies would contribute to a more attractive environment for overseas Chinese. Public security organizations across Zhejiang province will strengthen the examination of applicants to avoid falsification of records and improve their management services for Zhejiang residents.

Wang Lukang, an overseas Chinese in Italy, said he was quite excited about the new policies as they will permit his children to settle in his hometown, and encourage more overseas Zhejiang people to invest in the fast developing province.

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