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Emblem, mascot of 5th Games of Nanyang unveiled

Updated: Jul 21, 2017 Print
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The emblem and mascot of the 5th Games of Nanyang were recently made public.

The emblem is a calligraphic rendition of the Chinese character "Wan" (the ancient name of Nanyang) in the form of a running figure. It carries strong influences from dance and martial arts moves found in Nanyang’s many Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) stone reliefs.

Red, orange, green and blue are the dominant colors of the emblem, each carrying a different meaning. Red and orange symbolize the passion of people in Nanyang, while blue and green embody the beautiful natural environment of the city.

Red brings to mind an outdoor running track, while green and blue also represent the grass and water sports.

The mascot is a cow named "Wan Niu", which is not only an animal native to Nanyang, but also an animal which represents resilience and persistence much like a modern athlete.

The open arms of the cow symbolize the passion and openness of people in Nanyang. Its hair takes on the form of the number five, as it is the fifth time for Nanyang to host the sports event.

Themed "Fitness for all", the 5th Games of Nanyang will get underway in Nanyang in September 2017.

Emblem of the 5th Games of Nanyang. [Photo/]

Mascot of the 5th Games of Nanyang. [Photo/]

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