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Memories of the Land of Abundance – Chengdu have been gathering dust for about two years. It’s time to learn to retrospect the traveled in Chengdu.

Like many junior students, who will be about to be an internship, I want to have a trip without hesitation before step into society, even though skipping classes for a few days. Enjoying carefree days are owned by the university. So two of my girlfriends and I came to Chengdu, explored its unique charm, in April 2014.

Chengdu attracts us is its unique cuisine, one of China’s four major cuisine - Sichuan Cuisine (Ps. The three of us are foodies.) So, the first day we arrived in Chengdu, we chose the most famous hotpot restaurant - Shu Jiu Xiang as our first station. Because we from Guangdong, our abilities to eat spicy food aren’t good enough, we chose two-flavor hotpot soup. But when we saw the real two-flavor hotpot soup brought by waiter, we felt some surprised. It’s bit different from Guangdong, half divided into spicy and not spicy, it’s accounted for 7/10 spicy and not spicy only accounted for 3/10. At that moment, we felt so stressful and praised Sichuan people for their eating spicy food ability. Fresh ingredients with rich spicy soup base achievement this famous hotpot, and really will make people cannot stop eating, wanting more.

However, a hotpot cannot meet us. Immediately we went to Jinli, the one of the most ancient streets in the history of Xishu. Here, not only can eat all kinds of famous snacks, such as: Lung Chao Shou, San Da Pao, Han’s Baozi etc, but also can appreciate Sichuan opera face, shadow play performance etc. Nightlife of this city is colorful.

Mention of Chengdu, can let a person immediately think of the word "Panda", as it is the "hometown of panda". And Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding was our third station. A panda sightseeing car line was established in the park, lots of people waited in line. For seeing comprehensive tour, we chose to walk. Walking on the way, not only can see the beautiful green environment, can also see many rare animals such as swan, peacock, raccoon, crane etc. Raised pandas were not afraid of strangers, when they saw people taking photos, they showed loveliness, their lovely look won bursts of laughter. Panda culture in the park got a very nice spread, all kinds of souvenirs were sold in panda shop. We bought panda postcards to write down our fun story to shared with friends.

The fourth leg of the trip we subscribed a tour for three days and two nights in Jiuzhaigou. In just three days, we were shocked by the fairyland scenery of Jiuzhaigou and agreed in revisiting here in autumn which was the most beautiful season. At that time will be a mountain full of maple leaves, picturesque, charming.

In addition to climate, that I've long forgotten was the debt. Asked the way at the station road, there would be several people took turns to answer, in the grocery store to buy a bottle of water and asked where to eat, wife of enthusiasm took you by the hand to bring you to front of the restaurant. Chengdu people's enthusiasm is really like the spicy hotpot, and rich and mellow!

Chengdu's charm and cannot be with my shallow and brief language to describe, the memory of Chengdu will not fade with time. Chengdu, I'll come back!

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