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Guia Fort and Lighthouse: overlooks Macao from peninsula’s highest summit

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Guia Fort and Lighthouse

Guia Fort and Lighthouse overlooks Macao from the summit of Guia Hill, the highest hill of Macao Peninsular. [Photo/VCG]

The fort was built in 1865 to defend the region, and was the chief observation post during colonial times.

It is well preserved and contains barracks, a water cistern, an ammunition cache, a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Guia and the commander's house and storage area. The complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Historic Center of Macao. [Photo/VCG]

Because it had been an important military base, an air raid shelter was constructed underground, which was transformed into an exhibition corridor in 2003.

On the fort stand the Chapel of Our Lady of Guia and a famous lighthouse. The chapel was built with granite in 1626. Many precious frescos have been discovered in recent renovations. Those frescos are of high artistic value and feature a cultural fusion of the East and West.

The 15-meter-tall Guia lighthouse by the side of the Chapel of Our Lady was the first lighthouse on the China coast. [Photo/VCG]

It was built in 1895 with white walls and red roof. On clear days, its signal is visible within 20 km. Markings of typhoon signals given by the Weather Bureau of Macao can be found hanging on the Guia Fortress.

It's worth taking the cable car (the smallest in the world) to the fort because of the great views over the region and sea and also because of the enjoyable hiking along the trails that lead away from it into the surrounding hills.

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