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Mount North Wudang

Updated: Aug.17, 2018 Print
Mount North Wudang [Photo/VCG]

Known as Longwang Mountain in ancient times, Mount North Wudang in the Lyuliang Mountains, central Shanxi province, is a holy site for Taoists.

The mountain, which has a forest coverage rate of more than 70 percent, is steep and forbidding. The peak is surrounded by cliffs, with only one 1,450-step ladder available for climbers.

Mount North Wudang is famous for its strange stones, especially the 5-ton stone standing on the edge of one of its cliff, which appears to be about to topple over.

Address: Fangshan county, Lyuliang city, Shanxi province

Admission fee: 50 yuan/per person

Opening hours: 8:00-17:00

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