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Laiyang lamp bowl (莱阳灯碗)

Laiyang lamp bowl is a traditional folk custom popular in Yantai's Laiayang city. It evolved from the custom of Lantern Festival.

Jiaodong bobo (胶东饽饽/Jiaodong Bobo)

​Jiaodong bobo boasts a history of over 300 years. It is made of wheat flour and is four or even six times larger than mantou, a staple in North China.

Chinese green onion pancake (葱花饼/Cong Huabing)

Chinese green onion pancake was dubbed a "Yantai famous snack" by the Yantai Tourism Bureau and the Yantai Cooking Association in 2005.

Shrimp paste (虾酱/Xia Jiang)

Made with only shrimps, the shrimp paste is dark red and smells stinky but tastes wonderful.

Fushan roast chicken (福山烧鸡/Fushan Shaoji)

With a history of more than 400 years, Fushan Roast Chicken shares similar fame as "the Dezhou braised chicken".

Fried bean jelly (烟台焖子/ Yantai Menzi)

The Yantai menzi, which looks like translucent cubed jelly, is agar made of seaweed.It has the flavor of seafood and meat.

Steamed seaweed bun (海菜包子/ Haicai Baozi)

Steamed seaweed bun is made of seaweed, which is chopped into pieces and mixed with minced pork to make stuffing for steamed buns.

Penglai small noodles (蓬莱小面/Penglai Xiaomian)

Penglai small noodles use snapper soup. Also, they are so thin that they can melt in the diner's mouth without chewing.

Fushan big noodles (福山大面/Fushan Damian)

Fushan big noodles were originally known as Fushan noodles. They were called big noodles because the bowls to hold the noodles were big.

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