Stone bun

Stone bun is a kind of Chinese-style baked roll with a long and profound history.

10-bowl banquet

The origin of the 10-bowl banquet has much to do with the local climate in the Western part of the province.

Food street at Folk Cultural Park in Shanzhou district

Visitors can gorge themselves with more than a hundred varieties of food and snacks here.

Dagong Fried Dough Twist

Sanmenxia Fried Dough Twist tastes sweet and soft, and is high in nutritious value.

Fat Baked Roll

Fat Baked Roll is made up of thin layers and taste delicious and crispy.

Guanyintang Beef

Guanyintang Beef is bright in color and tastes tender and delicious.

Shuihua Foshou Sugar Cake

Shuihua Foshou Sugar Cake is a kind of wheat pastry in the shape of bubble.

Dadao Noodles

Dadao Noodles can be traced back to more than 200 years.

​Vinasse Egg

Through a strict and delicate procedure, the yolk of the egg will become a paste.

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