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Face to Face with Three Sus

Updated: Jun 13, 2024 Print
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As the final episode, it serves as a summary of the entire series. The Three Sus, a towering tree, grew from the culture-rich land of Meishan. From such perspective, this episode introduces Su Family’s cemetery and the hometown that nurtured the Three Sus. It is this auspicious land that produced such outstanding historical figures as the father and two sons. For centuries, nourished by Dongpo culture, the people of Meishan have valued both farming and reading, and have esteemed literature and etiquette. The name “Dongpo” has become deeply ingrained in the hearts of the people of Meishan. “This prosperous era is just as the sage wished.” Su Shi’s concern for the people’s livelihood and his longing for a flourishing era have today become a reality in Meishan.

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