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Big Fan of Lychee

Updated: Jun 12, 2024 Print
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Su Shi had a deep love for his hometown of Meishan in Sichuan. Whether he was in Fengxiang, Shaanxi, or Huangzhou, Hubei, seeing a landscape with fewer greenery or crabapple trees would make him yearn for his homeland.

This episode begins with the story of the fruit-bearing lychee trees in the San Su Shrine during the sweltering summer. Through the story of Su Shi and his friend planting lychee trees before his departure, it conveys the longing that Su Shi and his sons felt for their hometown, expressing the homesickness of those far from home. Chinese intellectuals not only have the concept of home but also of the nation. The complete spiritual world of Chinese scholar-officials is encapsulated in the sentiment of devotion to both home and country.

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