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Chenggong district: An ideal summer retreat

Updated: Jun 6, 2024 Print
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Kunming’s Chenggong district, located on the eastern shore of Dianchi Lake, boasts an annual average temperature of 15.6°C, with summer temperatures averaging 20.1°C, making it a perfect summer retreat.

In Chenggong, admiring the lotus flowers in the Jiangwei community is a must for local people. As the breeze gently stirs, visitors graced by the rich fragrance of the lotus flowers.

At Dounan Wetland Park, by Dianchi Lake, hydrangeas in shades of pink and purple bloom exuberantly.

The banks of the Laoyu River are an ideal spot for summer camping. Setting up tents and barbecue grills, you can gather with a few friends and enjoy a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Muchunhu Lake Park offers not only boating and paddle-boarding but also the chance to taste kiln-baked bread, making it a great place for families to cool off and have fun.

In Jiangwei community, the lush green rice fields are a uniquely soothing summer sight. Accompanied by blue skies, the rolling green waves of the rice fields create a fairytale-like atmosphere.

At the top of Liangwang Mountain, gazing up at the dazzling night sky filled with stars is an awe-inspiring experience.

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