Stunning amethyst and agate pendant from over 2,000 years ago

Updated: Jun 3, 2024 Print
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A piece of amethyst and agate jewelry, Warring States Period, from the collection of the Confucius Museum [Photo/Official WeChat account of the Shandong Museum]

In scorching summer days, do you wish to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry as ancient Chinese people did, bringing a touch of elegance and coolness?

Share with us your summer accessories and check out this exquisite Warring States Period (475-221 BC) amethyst and agate pendant. It features a stunning combination of an amethyst ring, a rhomboid amethyst bead, a drum-shaped amethyst tube, six polyhedral amethyst beads and a dragon-shaped agate. With its unadorned, translucent beauty and delicate shades of purple, the pendant is truly a sight to behold. Collection: Confucius Museum.

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