Enshi Yulu: Unique green tea in Chinese tea family

Updated: Apr 18, 2024 By Li Hongrui Print
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Dry leaves of Enshi Yulu tea. [Photo/IC]

With the advent of spring, nature dons a vibrant cloak of green, signaling the perfect season to savor the delicate flavors of freshly harvested green tea. Among the myriad of Chinese green teas, Enshi Yulu stands out as a unique and cherished selection.

This exquisite tea is distinguished by its leaves with a slender, needle-like shape and its rich, dark green hue. What sets Enshi Yulu apart from other Chinese green teas is its unique making process, steaming, which effectively halts oxidation and preserves the leaf's exquisite green color. This method not only maintains the tea's visual appeal but also ensures that its delicate flavor profile is preserved.

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