Festive performances usher people to embrace cultural heritage

Updated: Feb 29, 2024 By Lin Qi Print
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A player from Beijing Puppetry Troupe instructs a child with the manipulation. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The Chinese Traditional Cultural Museum in Beijing boasts a rich collection of items of arts and crafts representing the cultural diversity of the country, which are revealed at exhibitions at the museum all year around. Meanwhile, it also organizes a regular "Crush on Cultural Heritage" public program including workshops and performances given by artists to bring to the audience a lively, immersive experience.

The museum recently gave three performances to celebrate Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. Two of the shows were given by artists from Beijing Puppetry Troupe, whose performing style has been incorporated with the tunes of Peking Opera.

The third show featured several veteran players of Chinese guqin zither whose interpretations of classic pieces engaged the audience in a mood of serenity and stillness.

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