Carving out a legacy

Updated: Nov 28, 2023 By Fang Aiqing CHINA DAILY Print
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The Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. CHINA DAILY

These changes should be made as imperceptible or disguised as much as possible, so as not to interrupt the overall atmosphere of a bygone era.

Hua says a contemporary architect can draw inspiration from the ideas and aesthetics of traditional Chinese architecture.

Another project in Fujian, a branch of the bookstore chain Librairie Avant-Garde in Xiadi village of Pingnan county, saw the architect lay a concrete-and-steel structure in the shell of a traditional house with three surviving rammed-earth walls.

A steel column at the center of the building supports a double-sloped roof, the position and shape of which reminds people of its previous appearance that was reminiscent of the region, and the overall design enables a relatively large-span space to hold theatrical and cultural activities.

"I'm suggesting a method that seeks to link the tradition by using current construction methods and materials," Hua says.

He calls for updates in national technical specifications both for traditional timber-framed structures and an industrial system that applies laminated wood, prefabricated units and on-site assembly.

He says he wants to integrate such craftsmanship in suitable designs to facilitate its inheritance, because "a carpenter cannot enhance skill without frequent practice, and the handicraft will diminish without a carrier".

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