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A heartfelt Mid-Autumn celebration: Moonlight and friendship across the Taiwan Strait

Updated: Sep 29, 2023 Print
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In this heartwarming Mid-Autumn Festival special of "Harmonizing Hearts," we embark on a touching journey as Chen Shihua, a student from Peking University, and Zheng Yaling from Taiwan, China, share their experiences celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. This special not only highlights the beauty of the festival but also underscores the profound bonds that unite the Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Chen Shihua, representing the Chinese mainland, visited Taiwan along with her teachers and classmates for an exchange program in July. This trip provided an opportunity for cultural exchange and the forging of connections between students from different regions. During her time in Taiwan, Shihua discovered something fascinating – not only is there a Forbidden City in mainland China, but there is also one in Taipei. Shihua recalled an ink-painting masterpiece by the name of "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains." She expressed, "This painting shows the connection between both sides of the Straits, and this feeling of being of the same origin."

Meanwhile, Zheng Yaling, who is studying in mainland China, is about to celebrate her fourth Mid-Autumn Festival away from home. Yaling fondly recalled her first Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in mainland China, saying that her "teachers and classmates were super enthusiastic." Her teachers from the north even extended warm invitations for her to their homes to make dumplings together.

Despite the physical distance, Shihua and Yaling illuminated the warmth and sense of family they discovered on both sides of the Straits.

Shihua and Yaling showcased various aspects and traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, including making mooncakes and solving lantern riddles. Through their vibrant interactions, Shihua and Yaling exemplified their strong friendship and mutual understanding. They also shared their favorite moon-related poems and expressed their yearning for home during this special time of the year.

The message of "Harmonizing Hearts" underscores the unity and shared cultural heritage that transcends geographical distances. While celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in different locations, both Shihua and Yaling convey a heartfelt desire for stronger connections, cultural exchange, and the hope of reunions in the future. This heartwarming special reminds us of the significance of family, friendship, and the Mid-Autumn Festival in nurturing understanding and unity across the Taiwan Strait.

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