Guide for expats getting permits for work in Beijing

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Beijing, a city brimming with job opportunities, has streamlined the process of obtaining work permits and work-type residence permits.

With your essential documents in hand, you can now efficiently apply for both permits in a single visit to a designated service center.

This convenient one-stop application service is available at 15 service counters spread across the city. Then, you can secure your permits in 5 working days.

Watch our video guide to get started!

1. Who can apply?

All foreign talents working in Beijing are entitled to the convenient one-stop application service for the two permits at any of the 15 one-stop service counters across the city.

2. Why to apply?

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, foreigners who work in China shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations. The one-stop application service allows applicants to submit materials needed for the two permits at the same time, which will then be reviewed simultaneously and the two permits issued together, thus making the application process faster, easier and more efficient. From February 1, 2023 on, the applicant can claim the two permits together in just five working days.

3. The service scope

The one-stop application service applies to all applications filed directly in the mainland for the work permit and the work-type residence permit, including:

(1) The application for the two permits by holders of the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit in China.

(2) The application for the two permits by foreign talents holding a valid visa/residence permit who are already in the mainland(including the high-end talents (Category A) holding any kind of valid visas/residence permits, the talents holding reunion visas/residence permits, the talents who want to transfer to another company ,etc.).

(3) The application for the renewal of the two permits.

4. How to apply?

a. submit materials online:The application shall be submitted by the employer in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China, and the "One-Stop Service for Both Permits" plus the signature of the handling person should be indicated in the blank space of the application form.

b. hand in materials on the site:After the application passed the pre-examination online (one working day for Category A applicants, and three working days for Category B/C ones), you can make an appointment in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China (no appointment needed for Category A), and go to the one-stop service counter according to the appointment letter to submit the paper documents. Besides, there is no need to make another appointment with the Entry-Exit Administration.

c. claim the permits:After the paper documents were reviewed on the site, you will claim the two permits issued by the Entry-Exit Administration at the same time in five working days.

5. Materials needed to be submitted on the site

For the work permit:

(1) The originals and copies of all attachments submitted by the employer in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China. Please check on the official website of Beijing Overseas Talents Center ( - Work Permit for Foreigners in China - Application Guide.)

(2) Identity documents for the handlers. The applicant needs to provide his/her original passport, the handler registered in the Service System for Foreigners Working in China his/her identity document, and other personnel of the employer the letter of introduction and the original and copy of his/her identity document.

For the residence permit:

(1) The applicant's valid passport or international travel document;

(2) The Application Form for Foreigner Visa Documents filled in with a black ink pen and pasted with a recently-taken 2-inch front color photo of your face with a white background and without any headwear;

(3) The applicant's valid accommodation registration with local police station of his/her place of residence or hotel;

(4) An opinion letter issued by the employer agreeing to apply for a residence permit.

6. Notes

(1) A face-to-face interview with the applicant is required. But applicants who are aged 60 or over, have mobility issues due to illness or other reasons, apply to renew their residence permit, high-level talents, or specialized talents urgently needed, may entrust the inviting unit or specialized service agencies with the application (the proxy shall submit a copy of his/her identity document), unless a face-to-face interview with the applicant is demanded by the Exit-Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau.

(2) Persons who have not cancelled their household registration in the mainland should cancel their household registration before applying.

(3) During the period when the applicant's passport or other international travel document is stored away for application processing, he or she can legally reside in the mainland with the receipt of acceptance.

(4) The Exit-Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau has the right to verify the authenticity of the application reasons by means of face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, and on-site investigations, etc.

(5) The decision made by the Exit-Entry Administration of the Public Security Bureau not to renew, replace or reissue ordinary visas, not to issue the foreigners' stay and residence permit, or not to extend the residence period, shall be final.

Beijing Overseas Talents Center and the Exit-Entry Administration of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau reserve the right to interpret the above terms and provisions.



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