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Festive atmosphere during Chinese New Year

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 By Zhang Yueyi Print
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Dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve [Photo by Zhang Yueyi/provided by]

What is a “festive atmosphere during Chinese New Year “? It is the sound of bells echoing on Chinese New Year’s Eve, the dazzling fireworks, and the delicious food on the table that brings the most joyful sensation to people's taste buds.

As the lanterns light up and the moon shines brightly, in the bustling city at night there are always a few deliverymen in either orange or sky blue, shuttling among the traffic. They occasionally get lost in the surging crowd, but they always shine like beams of light, heading towards the distant next household. They guard the happiness of countless families, delivering blessings on time; they gaze at the moon high in the night sky, thinking about who and what they miss, and naively envisioning the direction of the future.

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