Guiyang to build traditional Chinese medicine clusters

Updated: Feb 8, 2023 Print
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Southwest China's Guizhou province recently announced a plan to develop its traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry. According to the plan, Guiyang aims to create three to five TCM industrial clusters by 2025, and achieve an average annual TCM output value growth rate of more than 10 percent.

By 2030, Guizhou aims to achieve a revenue of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.48 billion) from the TCM industrial chains.

The plan also includes nine main tasks for the 2023-30 period. Guizhou will open more production and marketing channels for TCM by building 10 trading markets, speed up the construction of a Guizhou TCM trade center and a Yunnan-Guizhou TCM distribution center, and it will cultivate more TCM enterprises.

Guizhou will accelerate the construction and application of TCM e-commerce trading platforms, and promote the integration of online and offline TCM trading.

Guizhou will accelerate the construction of facilities that support pre-selection and classification, processing and distribution, refrigeration and freezing, cold-chain transportation, and packaging and storage processes.

In accordance with the principles of high quality and convenience, Guizhou will encourage provincial medical institutions to buy and utilize prepared TCM, such as TCM formula granules.

Relying on Pan-Pearl River Delta regional cooperation, the China-ASEAN TCM Industry Cooperation Committee, and Guiyang-RCEP freight trains, Guizhou will promote TCM cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other overseas areas.

With Guiyang as the center, Guizhou will create multiple TCM industrial clusters with strong advantages and famous brands. To optimize the business environment, Guizhou will strengthen the investment attraction of the TCM industrial chain, and introduce leading TCM enterprises to boost the upstream and downstream industry flow.

Guizhou will encourage leading pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their R&D to find new products, apply new technologies, and expand business scales.

TCM companies are also encouraged to integrate information technology with production and operation, and promote the transformation of green production technology.

By 2025, Guizhou aims to cultivate two TCM pharmaceutical companies with annual business revenue of more than 5 billion yuan each.

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