Beijing establishes comprehensive COVID monitoring system

Updated: Jan 18, 2023 Print
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Beijing has established a comprehensive monitoring system for the novel coronavirus infection via multiple channels and sources, which will be able to get real-time information of epidemic situations and predict the infection peak, said a senior official during the ongoing local two sessions of the capital.

Wang Quanyi, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control and deputy to the Beijing People's Congress, said the authority can establish a completed risk assessment mechanism based on the monitoring system and give suggestions for epidemic control in society.

According to Wang, the monitoring system includes COVID-19 cases in medical institutions, community infection level, virus variation, COVID-19 etiology and sewage monitoring.

"The authority will develop more investigations and monitoring when needed in future," he said.

He added that it's still hard to conclude the epidemic regular of COVID-19 since the virus variation still continues at present. Thus, the authority has to strengthen the multi-channel monitoring to predict risks and avoid the epidemic peak's impact on the medical resources.

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