Police crackdown on fraud against elderly

Updated: Jan 18, 2023 Print
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Police nationwide resolved about 39,000 fraud cases under the guise of elderly case aid from April to the end of December, and recovered about 30 billion yuan ($4.43 billion), said the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

Public security organisations nationwide have launched a fierce crackdown against all kinds of crimes that infringe upon the property rights and interests of the elderly in the name of providing "elderly care services", investing in " elderly care projects" and selling " elderly care products" after a joint special operation launched by multiple central departments in April targeting such fraud cases.

The ministry has organized public security organs to strengthen their investigation of fraud-related clues, and promptly discovered, verified and disposed of 21,000 clues, and supervised the handling of 15 major cases.

The police have investigated the flow of funds involved in the case, resolutely prevented the concealment, withdrawal and transfer of property, and recovered accumulated losses of more than 30 billion yuan in stolen goods, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the people, said the ministry.

The ministry also worked with industry regulatory authorities to carry out dozens of joint rectifications to make up the management loopholes in the fields closely related to the elderly.

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