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Springing into action

Updated: Dec 13, 2022 By PAN ZHONGMING and ZHAO RUIXUE China Daily Print
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In cold winters, the mist rises and floats over the springs, adding a mystic touch to the city. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The southern hilly area, which also collects and generates the spring water, is higher than the river plain to the north. The groundwater flows downward and gushes out at the foot of the hills.

Within the old city area alone, dozens of springs, including Black Tiger, Fairy, Agate and Lute, sit along a moat that encompasses the city.

In some springs, bubbles are seen rising from the bedrock. The spring water is so clear that tourists can see the bottom of the springs.

The Black Tiger Spring originates from a 3-meter-deep, 1.7-meter-wide natural cave. Its name comes from the roaring sound it makes when water gushes out of tiger head-shaped stones.

The water flows into the moat which runs into Daming Lake. The moat is the focal area where the city's elderly and the young like to gather.

In addition to taking a leisurely walk along the moat, tourists can opt for a boat. The trip along the moat stops at five scenic spots — Black Tiger Spring, Square of the Spring City, Baotu Spring, Five Dragons' Pool and Daming Lake, the major spring views in Jinan.

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