Encourage studying abroad to build a better talent pool

Updated: Nov 29, 2022 China Daily Print
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A recent report released by the Social Sciences Academic Press shows that China remains the largest source of students studying abroad, with nearly 1 million Chinese students studying in overseas institutions of higher education in 2019 and 2020.

Chinese mainland students are increasingly choosing to study abroad and the destination they choose to study in is becoming more diversified, with more Chinese students choosing universities in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea after the United States. Chinese authorities will continue supporting students wanting to study overseas while encouraging them to return after completion to provide diversified educational options for Chinese students and cultivate more talents with an internationalized vision.

Statistics released by the Ministry of Education show that more than 80 percent of Chinese students studying abroad have returned to the motherland after completing their studies since 2012. It indicates that China's improving economic and social development is attracting an increasing number of students studying overseas to return for self-development.

The authorities should provide Chinese students with multiple educational options and also promote international competition and internationalization of domestic education. In the past 10 years, the number of Chinese students studying abroad has exceeded 3 million, more than the students studying abroad in the years before 2012 combined. It can be said that not just the children of the elite, but even those of ordinary families are studying abroad now. This is inseparable from China's economic development, rising incomes, diversified education needs and policy support. Correspondingly, since 2015, China has overtaken France to become the world's third-largest recipient of international students after the US and the United Kingdom.

In the future, China should make good use of its talent policies and environment to attract more overseas students, and even more foreign experts to work in China. It should also encourage students to study overseas in order to build itself into a talent highland.

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