New era in China: Australian sailmaker keeps sailing in China

Updated: Oct 18, 2022 Print
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John Hearne, founder of Doyle Sailmakers (Qingdao) Co Ltd, is from Australia and has been engaged in sailmaking for many years. He is quite optimistic about China’s market environment for sailing, which is conducive to maintaining the global competitiveness of the company's products, meanwhile, a booming sailing industry in China also provides wide prospects for the company's development.

At the age of 7, while children of the same age were obsessed with toy cars, John got to know about sailing, which gradually became his hobby and later, his career. Setting his sights on Qingdao as a new starting point for his career, he believes that China has huge market potential.

John settled down in Qingdao in 2014. He loves living there. "Qingdao has got everything you need, the beaches, the ocean, the water, the seafood. It's just a very good place," he said, adding that Qingdao made him feel like he was back home.

When he first came to Qingdao, he and his teammates could easily win the sailing competitions. After years of development, there are more and more experienced sailors in China, and it's no longer easy for them to win the games. As sailing is getting more popular in the country, he says that he is expecting to see robust development of the sport in the future.

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