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New Era in China: Welshwoman finds home bridging education gap in China

Updated: Sep 16, 2022 Print
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Gaenor Eleri Wynne, an English teacher from the UK, has devoted herself to cultivating Chinese students over the past 30 years in China.

Visiting China was Wynne's dream. Then, in 1992, she found it possible when she got a job to teach medical students English in the northwestern city Xi'an. She later moved to the eastern province of Shandong as the climate is similar to her hometown in Wales and good for her health.

Through her three decades of teaching in China, Wynne truly saw the gap and difficulty rural Chinese students faced in learning English, even though she thought they were as talented as those students from urban areas. To bridge the imbalance in education resources between rural and urban, Wynne wrote books for those from rural and remote areas while also committing herself to teaching them.

Now having stayed and taught in Weifang for 21 years, affection for the eastern Chinese city has rooted deeply in Wynne's heart. "Here is much more my home than back in the UK," she said.

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